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04 January 2017
Last week I was discussing my research at Security Lancaster with a friend. She said, "You must think security is the most important thing in software.” I hastened to deny it. You see, I don't think security is by any means the most important aspect to software creation.

25 September 2016
What does 'App Security' really mean? What does it mean to keep an app secure, so that our users can do what they want, but we can stop malicious people from causing them and us harm?

25 June 2016
Cryptography worries people. It all seems very complicated. But it needn't be...

29 April 2016
Know your enemy is a very old principle indeed. It dates back to the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu's The Art of War. I've always been fascinated to know who it is that is my enemy when I'm developing secure software for mobile phones.

25 September 2015
What does a Secure Development Process mean for an Agile development team? An SDP is a set of activities and deliverables to enable developers, testers and project managers to create software that is proof against security threats. But how?