Start helping your team with security and privacy

Each member of a development team—developers, testers, product owners, management—makes security and privacy decisions in their day-to-day role. So how can you help them? 


To find out, use our Team Security Assessment.  It delivers a short questionnaire to each member of the team, which takes less than 10 minutes to fill. We'll then send you a report of the team's security and privacy awareness and activities and suggestions how to improve. Note that we'll need at least 4 responses for each team to keep individual results private.


To start, enter your email address and your team name below to create a webpage link to the survey. Then send that link to each of the team members, including team lead and product management roles, requesting them to complete the survey.


After a week or so, if we have enough responses, we'll email you the team assessment; otherwise we'll send a nudge to see if you can encourage more team members to respond.