Do you know your security and privacy needs?
28 June 2021
It’s surprising how many software development teams lack the fundamental knowledge of what they are defending against in terms of security and privacy. We can help.

The Wrong Kind of Security
Hipster · 06 April 2021
I hate unnecessary security. Recently we found ten out of a dozen development teams concluding that the security problems they were solving were not the ones that mattered most to their customers.

Guest Blog: Seven Code Review Best Practices
15 March 2021
Good code is what makes a software great. Whether you are a programmer or a software development team lead, you are probably well aware of the advantages of a well-executed code review.

Why I’m not teaching developers how to do security…
DSE · 08 February 2021
How important is software security is in the world; how big is the problem to solve? Our role is helping companies and developers decide how much security they need, and how most effectively to get it.

How to Choose Appropriate Security
04 January 2021
How can you easily add security and privacy to the software you set up? It often turns out with major security events that the root cause boils down to one thing: somebody built, installed or changed some software without thinking through the security and privacy implications...

15 December 2020
Very few teams have a security expert readily available, so instead, have one member of a development team be the ‘security champion’, and support them learning and helping others in the team.

Risk vs. Cost: Finding the Balance
DSE · 23 November 2020
Learn how to assess your security threats for both impact, and cost to mitigate.

03 November 2020
Incentivising developers to know the importance of security is all very well, but faced with normal life people forget quite quickly. So make sure you have a trickle of regular events and nudges to continuously remind the team.

12 October 2020
A great way to spot security problems is to have another developer or security expert review the code. Do it if you can.

28 September 2020
These days security experts need to be very persuasive. Here's why.

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