24 August 2020
Programmers use lots of components – chunks of software written by other people. These components frequently have security issues. So make sure you choose secure components, and keep all your components are up to date.
10 August 2020
Find out as a team what the threats really are for your project.
27 July 2020
There’s a widely used, approach to using external people to improve your software security. It’s called ‘Penetration Testing’. Discover how it works...
23 June 2020
Learn how to persuade your developers to take security seriously.
20 April 2020
Remote working used to be the exception rather than the rule. But now like it or not everyone is working from home. We all have to make the effort of learning to use video conferencing and sharing technology effectively. And that opens up wonderful opportunities.
08 December 2019
Why should we do games and workshops rather than just telling developers what to do or teaching them ‘capture the flag’ skills? To answer that, consider that for many years, software security has naturally been dominated by ‘security experts’, specialists whose job is to seek out vulnerabilities in software and encourage developers to fix them. Such experts will tend to regard developers as lazy, since they are the ‘cause’ of the security vulnerabilities. So security experts will...
02 September 2019
Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create an image or table with a caption, that stays near the text that references it.
03 July 2019
Traditionally we have presented software security as a negative thing, as a tax on the cost of software development. But what if we presented it as a positive benefit?
11 March 2019
How, and why, to deal with your own personal passwords.
03 November 2018
How to chose a format and venue for academic papers.

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