Making Sense of Open Codes
Hipster · 08 May 2022
A key output of open coding is an huge number of open codes. How are you to make sense out of that seeming chaos?

Using Teamwork for Open Coding
Hipster · 20 March 2022
Is double open coding possible? Here in the Hipster project, we have found that not only is the answer ‘yes’, but also that the benefits are considerable. Read on to learn why.

Experiences from the Dark Side of Participant Recruitment
Hipster · 09 February 2022
The Do's and Don'ts of Cold Calling for Research

How to Do Agile Research
Hipster · 07 January 2022
Yes! We can indeed use Agile methods to run an academic research project.

In Praise of Cyber Resilience
29 November 2021
Solving cybersecurity weaknesses is just about fixing bugs, isn't it? Well, no. Not really...

Choosing a Game for Threat Assessment
DSE · 09 October 2021
Which card game works best for Threat Assessment? Results from an experimental workshop.

Research as It Happens: Bootstrapping into a New Project
Hipster · 04 October 2021
Charles explores the art of creating a literature survey.

Do you know your security and privacy needs?
28 June 2021
It’s surprising how many software development teams lack the fundamental knowledge of what they are defending against in terms of security and privacy. We can help.

The Wrong Kind of Security
06 April 2021
I hate unnecessary security. Recently we found ten out of a dozen development teams concluding that the security problems they were solving were not the ones that mattered most to their customers.

Guest Blog: Seven Code Review Best Practices
15 March 2021
Good code is what makes a software great. Whether you are a programmer or a software development team lead, you are probably well aware of the advantages of a well-executed code review.

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