Adding the Missing Humans
01 July 2024
Humans are the most important part of the story!

Numbers as a Thought Exercise
15 April 2024
Could you use metrics as an aid to thinking?

Achieve Microsoft Superpowers with Word’s Magic Styles
03 November 2023
Are you creating or working on a Word template, or trying to understand how an existing one works? Here’s some superpower information you definitely need to know.

Decoding Risk in the Digital Age: What You Need to Know
Hipster · 11 September 2023
Security and privacy problems are not just hackers. Overlooked everyday risks can multiply fast!

Hipster Impact Case Study: Spark
Hipster · 08 March 2023
How the HIPSTER project helped one dynamic startup company to tackle cyber.

Cyber Risk Management is an Innovation Process
Hipster · 02 February 2023
How the concept of Absorptive Capacity can help us get value out of cybersecurity in product innovation.

Why Agile Fails
Hipster · 12 December 2022
Agile research projects need a minimal project manager role to act as customer.

Making Sense of Open Codes
Hipster · 08 May 2022
A key output of open coding is an huge number of open codes. How are you to make sense out of that seeming chaos?

Making Security Negotiations Easier
30 March 2022
It’s rarely the programmers’ decision which security enhancements to implement. So help your product manager by expressing problems, risks and costs in helpful terms!

Using Teamwork for Open Coding
Hipster · 20 March 2022
Is double open coding possible? Here in the Hipster project, we have found that not only is the answer ‘yes’, but also that the benefits are considerable. Read on to learn why.

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