Charles Weir, Lead Author


Charles Weir manages this site and created most of the text. He has thirty years of experience as programmer, software architect, design consultant, and company MD. Currently he is researching at Security Lancaster how to improve the security skills of software development teams.


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Ingolf Becker, Co-Author


Ingolf Becker helps to develop, evaluate and deliver the Developer Security Essentials package. He is a Lecturer at UCL in cybersecurity, researching user-centred organisational security and privacy. 


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Security Lancaster, Institute


Security Lancaster provided an 'Impact' grant to pay for illustrations and enhancements to this site.

Rozzie Aglionby, Website Designer


Rozzie specialises in graphic design and journalism. She redesigned this website, and has rewritten much of the content to be accessible in small blog post articles. 


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Noel Ford, Cartoonist


Noel Ford created almost all the cartoons in the Handbook. He has been a professional cartoonist since 1975, and is particularly good at finding the humour in any situation. See here for an interview with Noel, and here for his portfolio

Jack Knight, Illustrator


Jack Knight created the delightful video handbook. He is a professional illustrator based in Lancaster, specialising in cartoons and images for businesses and individuals.

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