How to use it

This book is designed so that sections can be read in isolation, it isn't necessary to read the whole book at once. Each section takes less than five minutes to read, and covers one step on improving the security of the code delivered by a development team. You can get to each one individually through the buttons on the left-hand side of each page, or you can read them in order using the buttons at the end of each page. Each has some introductory explanation, instructions on how to incorporate it into Developer Essentials, followed by a discussion of alternatives and different ways to implement it. Most sections also have amusing illustrations by cartoonist Noel Ford.


If you’re planning to run the Developer Essential package yourself, we recommend reading all the ‘Developer Essentials’ sections before you start, as some are introduced within other steps. For example, Component Choice is something for the Developers to consider themselves in the Risk and Cost workshop. If you’re interested in a wider view, then read the whole of each step.